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Products to Help Hard of Hearing People

Product Information

We only sell products we use and love. That way you know you are getting quality devices that live up to their claims and really are useful to hard of hearing people because they have stood the test of time. If these products do not live up to your expectations, send them back and get your money back. It's that simple. (Click here to see our return policy.)

Books on Hearing Loss

All our books are easy-to-read and are packed with the practical information you need to successfully understand and live with your hearing loss and/or other ear conditions. For further information on our books, or to order any of them, click here.


Speechreading Program

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

There are numerous devices that can help you hear better. Here are some of them by category.

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Personal Listening Systems and accessories

  • PockeTalker Ultra:  Personal amplifier that can be used as a stand-alone system using ear buds, or used with your hearing aids via a neckloop or Music Links. To learn more about this wonderful little device or to purchase one, click here.
  • Microphones:  Click on above PockeTalker link to see a number of microphones that can be used with various Assistive Devices in addition to the PockeTalker.
  • Speech Adjust-a-Tone Audio & Telephone Amplifier with 6-Frequency Tone Adjustment (Model HGA-Tp): Use this cool little amplifier to help you hear better on the phone, radio, TV, iPod, MP3 player, computer, etc. As a phone amplifier, it connects between the phone base and handset. To connect to other audio devices, simply plug a patch cord (not included) into the audio device's earphone jack and into the Adjust-a-Tone input. Listen to the output of the Adjust-a-Tone via earbuds, headphones, neckloops or Music Links.
    —  Amplifies 40 - 120 dB
    —  Six adjustable frequency compensation sliders:
            2 each for bass, mid and treble ranges
    —  Master volume control and on-off switch
    —  Phone jacks for phone base and phone handset
            (telephone cable included)
    —  3.5 mm input and output jacks for audio devices
    —  Uses either a 9-volt battery (included), or A/C
             power adapter (also included)
    Click here to purchase the Speech Adjust-a-Tone (Model HGA-Tp) amplifier for just $149.95.

    In addition to all the above features, the Speech Adjust-a-Tone (Model HGA-MX) has two more cool features that makes in even more useful.
    —  Microphone input jack—now you can plug a microphone directly
            into the Speech Adjust-a-Tone without having to go through
            another device.
    —  Headset jack—now you can use the Speech Adjust-a-Tone while
            wearing a headset (both earphones and microphone).
    Click here to purchase the Speech Adjust-a-Tone (Model HGA-MX) amplifier for just $219.95.
  • Music Links:  Plug into any stereo audio device's earphone jack and listen to beautiful clear sound (in true stereo) via the t-coils on your hearing aids. (If you want to use it with a mono device such as the PockeTalker, use Radio Shack's 3.5 mm (1/8") mono to stereo adapter #274-882 ($3.99). To learn more about the Music Links, or to purchase them, click here.
  • Passive Neckloop:  Plugs into any mono device's earphone jack and hear clear sound via the t-coils on your hearing aids. If you want to use it with a stereo device, you need Radio Shack's stereo to mono adapter #274-0374 ($2.99). Neckloops let you hear in both ears if you wear two hearing aids. To learn more about this passive neckloop or to purchase it for yourself, click here.
  • Amplified Neckloop: If you need a versatile amplified neckloop, the CLA7 v2 is the neckloop for you. It comes with a number of adapters so it will work with both audio devices and cell phones. Only $79.95. To order the CLA7v2 amplified neckloop, click here.
  • TV SoundBox: The TV SoundBox is a wireless portable speaker for your TV or other audio devices. Set it close beside yourself, or on the back of your couch or favorite chair and you'll hear your TV crystal clear without blasting your spouse out of the room. Use it with, or without hearing aids. Only $123.95. To learn more about this cool TV SoundBox, or to purchase it, click here.
  • HearMe Dear Conversation Tube: Here is a modern version of the old conversation tubes used in the 19th and early part of the 20th centuries. It works remarkably well for elderly people that can't seem to hear well with their hearing aids. No batteries to wear out. Only $39.95. To learn more about this cool new conversation tube, or to purchase it, click here.

Hearing Aid accessories


Cell Phone accessories

  • HearAll Bluetooth Cell Phone Amplifier:  Can't hear too well on your cell phone? Need more volume? With the Serene Innovations SA-40 HearAll Bluetooth Cell Phone Amplifier you won't have to worry about hearing muffled words or straining to hear, even in noisy environments! Amplifies speech up to 40 dB. The SA-40 HearAll connects to your cell phone via Bluetooth and is used like a handset. Adjustable tone control for better clarity. Headset, speakerphone and t-coil modes for your convenience. You can use it with or without your hearing aids. Only $83.63. To learn more about the HearAll or to order one for yourself, click here.
  • Clear Sounds Quattro 4.0 Amplified Bluetooth Neckloop with Remote Bluetooth Microphone: $279.99. The Quattro 4.0 is the only neckloop with a removable Bluetooth microphone. This gives you the ability to hear clearly in environments such as in meetings, in restaurants, in your car, etc. This is in addition to connecting to any bluetooth cell phone, or other bluetooth device. You'll hear crystal-clear sound with this neckloop. To order the Clear Sounds Quattro 4.0 Amplified Bluetooth Neckloop with Remote Bluetooth Microphone for just $279.99, click here.
  • Clear Sounds Quattro Amplified Bluetooth Neckloop + Bonus Kit This bluetooth neckloop connects almost any Bluetooth device (cell phone, iPod, MP3 player, computer, PDA) with your hearing aids via their t-coils, or you can listen to it with any stereo ear buds.  Learn more about the Clear Sounds Quattro Amplified Bluetooth Neckloop—click here. Comes complete with rechargeable battery, drop-in battery charger, wall power adapter and padded carrying case, plus the bonus kit (shown below)—all for just $199.95.  To order the Clear Sounds Quattro Amplified Bluetooth Neckloop and Bonus Kit for $199.95, click here.
    BONUS KIT: If you'd like to listen to your TV or other audio source via the Quattro amplified bluetooth neckloop, you need the matching QLink stereo bluetooth transmitter. It plugs into your TV's audio output jacks (or to the audio output jacks on any other audio device) and converts the audio device into a bluetooth device. This Bonus Kit includes the QLink Stereo Bluetooth Transmitter (a $59.95 value) and a pair of Smartsound Stereo RS062 Earphones (a $49.95 value).

Telephones and accessories

  • Serene Innovations CL-60A Amplified Cordless Phone: This amplified cordless phone provides beautiful clear sounds with its built-in Hi-Definition Sound. Up to 50 dB. amplification. Has a built-in digital answering machine and a speakerphone in both handset and in base. Your price is just $147.77. For more of its many features, or to order this cool phone, click here.
  • Clarity Alto+ Amplified Phone:  If you have trouble hearing on the phone, this may be just the phone you want. This amplified phone is one of the loudest amplified phones on the market (53 dB), has digital Clarity Power (DCP) which makes soft sounds louder, yet makes loud sounds more bearable. It comes with an extra loud ringer, 4-step clarity control, neckloop jack and lots of other goodies. Your price is just $147.77. For more information on this wonderful phone, or to order it, click here.
  • UA-50 Handset/Headset Amplifier with Plantronics Binaural Headset: This Serene Innovations in-line amplifier works with any landline phone—home or business—that does not have the dial pad in the handset. It connects between the base and handset and provides 45+ dB amplification to either the handset or headset. It has a volume control (with extra boost if you need it) and adjustable tone. What makes this amplifier so wonderful is that it provides excellent amplification to any monaural or binaural headset you plug into it. When you use it with a binaural headset, you hear wonderful clear, loud sound in both ears, and your hands are free to work on your computer at the same time!

    Click here to purchase the UA-50 amplifier with the Plantronics H261N binaural noise-cancelling headset with boom mic for just $219.95.


    Click here to purchase the UA-50 amplifier if all you need is the UA-50 amplifier itself and not a headset (you already have a compatible headset) for just $69.95.

    "When I first used this amplifier and headset, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! It was that wonderful to finally have a hands-free binaural headset that had enough volume so I could actually hear (since I don't wear my hearing aids when using the phone)."—N. B.

  • Geemarc CLA3 Hearing Aid Compatible Headset: This wonderfully-versatile headset works with your cell phone if it has the standard 2.5 mm (3/32") headset jack, or your cordless phone, or desk phone if it has this jack. In addition, these headphones plug into any audio device with the standard 3.5 mm (1/8") jack. This means it works with your iPod, MP3 or CD player, radio, computer, etc. And if you want to use your computer for voice input, the microphone plugs into any standard 3.5 mm (1/8") microphone jack. Use it for Skype on your laptop, or plug it in to your game console. The plugs are color-coded—green for the earphones and pink for the microphone.

    These headphones not only gives great audio, but are designed to effectively couple with the t-coils in your hearing aids—a job they do fantastically well—loud, clear sound. The boom microphone right at your lips produces beautiful, clear sound for the person listening at the other end.

    It comes with the binaural headphones, adjustable headband, boom microphone, 3.5 mm earphone and microphone jacks, in-line headphone volume control and adapter cord to convert to a hands-free headset for cell phone/cordless phone use. The CLA3 Headset is just $57.95. Click here to purchase this wonderful CLA3 headset.
  • HA-40 In-line Phone Amplifier: The Clarity (formerly Ameriphone) HA-40 is a wonderful amplifier that converts any landline phone that does not have the dial pad in the handset instantly into an amplified phone. It is easy to install—simply unplug the handset cord from the base of the phone, plug the short cord (shown in the picture) in its place, and plug the handset cord into the jack on the bottom of the amplifier. That's it.

    If you want more volume, just slide the volume control (left) up to a comfortable level. The tone control (mid right) lets you adjust the tone to give you the best clarity. If you need even more volume, you can press and hold the boost button (bottom right). This gives you 40 dB of gain. In order to cut out feedback, while you are holding this boost button, it cuts out your microphone. Thus, you need to release the button when you talk when you are using this feature. Uses a 9 volt battery (included). Your price for the HA-40 is just $32.95. Click here to purchase this great little HA-40 phone amplifier.

    "I am very happy with my HA-40 amplifier. My son called tonight and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with him for a change. To me, it's a miracle!"—M. G.

  • TA-1 Strap-on Telephone Amplifier: Portable amplifier straps on to any landline telephone receiver to boost the volume up to 25 dB. On-off/volume control. Uses two AAA batteries (not included). One cool feature is that you can plug in stereo earbuds/headphones and hear with both ears! Price 32.95. Click here to purchase the TA-1 strap-on telephone amplifier. (Shown above—front & rear views.)
  • Dakota TR-95 EXTRA LOUD Telephone Ring Alerter. When your phone rings and you have this ring alerter on "HI" you won't miss the phone ringing. Even with my severe hearing loss and no hearing aids on, it still "blew my socks off". The light flashes too, but it doesn't get your attention near as well as the loud ringing does! This gizmo works off the phone line so doesn't need batteries ever. It measures 4½" x 2¾" x 1" and weighs 5 oz. The price is just $21.25. Click here to purchase the TR-95 Extra Loud Telephone Ring Alerter.
  • RF-200 Cell/Phone Ringer/Flasher. This new cell phone (and landline) ring alerter has a number of cool functions. Just set your cell phone to vibrate and lay it in the cradle on the front of it (as shown) and whenever your cell phone rings (or any alarm app set to vibrate your phone goes off) this ring alerter sounds a loud (high/low/off) alarm, flashes a series of blue lights, and if you have the optional bed shaker plugged in, shakes you awake. You can also have it set to alert you to any text (SMS) messages as they come in. And while it is laying on the ring alerter you can recharge your phone by plugging your phone's charging cord into the USB port.  All this for just $68.50. Shown here with smart phone (not included). Click here to learn more about this cool RF-200 Ringer/Flasher.

    Click here to purchase the RF-200 Cell/Phone Ringer/Flasher for daytime use (no bed shaker) for $68.50.

    Click here to purchase the RF-200 Cell/Phone Ringer/Flasher including bed shaker for night time use (not shown) for $93.27.
  • Serene Innovations HD-40S Outgoing Voice-Amplified Phone: This phone is for people that have weak voices and cannot talk very loud anymore. It provides adjustable outgoing speech volume of up to 40 dB so the person on the other end will be able to hear you without any trouble. It also provides up to 18 dB of amplification for those with mild hearing losses. Hearing aid compatible. Loud 95 dB ringer. 9 one-touch photo memory buttons.  $124.95. Click here to order the HD-40S voice-amplified phone.
  • CL-WS-2749 Clarity Voice-Amplified Handset: If you have have voice problems such that you cannot talk loud enough on the phone for others to hear you, and you have one of the following Clarity phones (XL-30, JV-35, P300, P400, XL-40, XL-40D, XL-45, XL-50), this handset will increase your outgoing voice volume by up to 26 dB. The speech volume control is on the back of the handset so you can easily increase your voice volume while you are using the phone. Easy to install—just unplug the regular handset and plug in the special voice-amplified handset. Line-powered--no batteries required. $43.00. Click here to order the Clarity CL-WS-2749 Voice-amplified handset.

Room Loop Systems

  • Univox Loop Amplifiers:  Room loop amplifiers. Hook the Univox up to an audio source (e. g. TV) and listen to beautiful clear sound from anywhere inside the loop via the t-coils on your hearing aids. To learn more about the Univox loop systems or to purchase one for yourself, click here.
  • Portable InfoLoop System: Portable loop amplifier. Completely self-contained. Works up to 4 feet from the built-in loop. Weighs only 3¼ pounds with built-in rechargeable battery. Size 11" x 10" x 4". Has built-in omni-directional microphone on back and jack to plug in external microphone.

    The portable InfoLoop system includes the loop amplifier with built-in loop and rechargeable battery, battery charger power adapter and lapel microphone with 10' cord. 3-year warranty. Get the portable InfoLoop for yourself by clicking here. Price: $292.95.

FM Systems


  • Orpheus FM Radio/FM ALD Receiver:  This Orpheus FM radio/FM receiver is a unique assistive device. It combines both the functions of a digitally-tunable FM receiver (all channels in the 72 - 76 MHz ALD band), and a standard FM broadcast radio (88 - 108 MHz) into a single unit and still costs less than a single or dual channel FM receiver. To learn more about this great little unit click here.

    To order the Orpheus Radio/FM Receiver for only $74.77, click here.
  • Transportable FM Personal Listening System: This FM system includes the Orpheus FM Radio/FM ALD Receiver (above) plus a 16 channel transmitter that works off the wall current or batteries. It has a range of 150+ feet! Besides the beautiful clear sound, the best feature is the price—only $197.00 for the whole system. To learn more about this great FM system click here.

    To order the Transportable FM Personal Listening System for only $197.00, click here.

  • Comfort Contego Personal FM System:  This quality digital FM system by Comfort Audio has a range of about 100 feet. The receiver doubles as both a personal amplifier and an FM receiver at the same time, so you get the functionality of both of these devices in one unit for only $767.97. Has 38 selectable channels. Transmits on secure channels so no one can eavesdrop on your conversations. Both the transmitter and receiver have built-in omnidirectional and directional microphones. Up to 20 hours of use on fully-charged lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Comes complete with receiver, transmitter, ear buds & headphones, batteries and charger, carrying case and 2-year warranty. To order the Comfort Contego FM system, click here.

    For more information on Comfort Contego FM system click on the below links.

            Product sheet (2 pages, pdf format)

            Manual (English - 27 pages, Spanish & French pdf format)


Alerting Systems

Silent Call Alerting Systems: There are numerous alerting devices that can warn you that the smoke detector is sounding, the doorbell or phone is ringing, the baby is crying, etc. One of the most reliable and most versatile of these systems, in my opinion, is the Silent Call alerting systems. To learn more about the great Silent Call alerting systems, click here.

CentralAlert CA-360 Bedside Alerting System: The basic CentralAlert CA-360 alerting system is one cool product. It will alert you via three of your senses at the same time (if you so choose), so you will not miss your alarm clock going off, your phone ringing or your doorbell chiming. You will see the strobe light, hear the alerting sound and feel the bed shaker shaking you awake. In addition a lighted icon and a message on the screen will tell you exactly which alerting device is going off.

The clock has large easy-to-read digits. And it is the answer to spouses who share the same bed and yet want to wake up at different times. When you purchase a second bed shaker, you can set one alarm and bed shaker to go off at time A and the other alarm and bed shaker to go off at time B. The CentralAlert produces a 520 Hz square wave tone that studies have shown to be the most effective frequency to waken most people with hearing loss. There are a number of other modules you can add such as a baby crier, motion sensor, weather alerter, audio alarm and SOS pager. The basic system is only $157.00. To learn more about the cool Central Alert CA-360 alerting system and its modules or to purchase it, click here.

Lifetone HLAC151 Fire Alarm and Clock: If you can't hear traditional fire alarms/smoke detectors because you have a high-frequency hearing loss, this fire alarm is for you. It uses the relatively low-frequency 520 Hz square wave signal that studies have shown wake up most hard of hearing people. And if that isn't enough, you definitely won't sleep through the bed shaker that goes off at the same time. Furthermore, this alarm sits on your bed table—close to your ears—not up on the ceiling where you can't hear it. It listens for the T-3 signal from your traditional smoke detectors and alerts you. To learn more about this great Lifetone Fire Alarm, click here.

Clear Sounds ShakeUp to WakeUp Alarm Clock: The ClearSounds SW200 dual alarm clock is the answer to spouses who share the same bed and yet want to wake up at different times. When you purchase a second bed shaker, you can set one alarm to go off at time A and the other bed shaker to go off at time B. You can adjust the volume of this alarm up to a maximum of 87 dB. It has an adjustable tone so you can find the tone you can hear the best. The tonal range includes the 520 Hz square wave that studies have shown to be the most effective frequency to waken most people with hearing loss. You can wake up to any combination of bed shaker, flashing bed lamp, built-in high intensity strobe or alarm sounding. In addition, plug in your phone and this alarm will alert you whenever the phone rings too. Only $77.77. To learn more about this unique alarm clock or to purchase it, click here.

Quake-N-Wake 3-Alert Multi Timer: Use this little timer in your kitchen or carry it with you when you need to time something. It can alert you via three different modes at the same time—it beeps, flashes and vibrates. You can choose any mode by itself, or any combination of the three together. It has a clip on the back so you can clip it to your pocket, belt or clipboard/notebook, etc. The clip is also magnetic so it will stick to your fridge or other metal (iron) surfaces. Use it as a stopwatch or countdown timer. Switches from hr/min to min/sec. Uses 2 AAA batteries (included). Size: 3" x 2" x 1¼". Only $19.95. Click here to purchase the Quake-N-Wake timer.



In addition, we have access to many other quality products that are not listed here. If you want something that you do not see listed here, email us at the below address and we'll do our best to get it for you, or tell you the best place to get it.

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